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Peter Fitzgerald

Central to the Randox ethos is our drive to improve healthcare worldwide and every one of our staff plays a vital role in this aim. — DR. Fitzgerald

Opportunities - UK, Ireland & Overseas

Randox welcomes applications from highly motivated individuals of all levels:


At Randox we are offering exciting opportunities for enthusiastic, self-motivated individuals to obtain a 50 week placement with an innovative and rapidly growing company. Randox placements provide students with the experience needed to pursue a career in their chosen field.

"I am studying a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Queens University, Belfast and I am currently half way through my placement year at Randox. My role has involved applying my problem solving skills to numerous issues that may arise during the development of a product. There is an excellent support network within Randox which includes placement coordinators and department mentors who are available to provide assistance to all placement students. My favourite part so far has been the redesign of one of the modules for a current machine as it has incorporated both design work as well as the practical side of building analysers. I have found my placement extremely beneficial as I have got to experience a lot of things which I wouldn't at university. I feel that taking a year out to work in industry will give me better understanding of different concepts when I return to university and will help expand my skill set for future projects."

Christine Maybin


Randox offers a 2 year program to recent graduates. This rotational program provides an invaluable insight into a variety of roles and departments. The program has a successful record of creating well rounded professionals who have progressed to attain senior positions within the Company.

"I joined Randox on the Graduate Development Program after completing a Bachelor's Degree in Molecular Biology and a Master's Degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. In my first rotation I am using my scientific knowledge in a desk based role within the Technical Support Department. In Technical Support my time has been split between providing high quality technical support to Randox customers worldwide and carrying out an individual project. My favourite part has been working on the project as I have been able to take ownership of it and it is rewarding to see my work improve the customer service that Randox Technical Support can provide."

Michael Mullan


Randox offer a fixed term, 3 to 6 month, internship for those graduates seeking valuable work experience in a thriving global company placing them ahead of their contemporaries in todays competitive job market.

After graduating in 2011, I gained an internship with Randox Food Diagnostics Marketing team. The internship gave me a great insight into all aspects of marketing including events, advertising, market research and online marketing. The experience I gained from the Internship was invaluable and following the 6 month program, I was offered a permanent position as a Marketing Executive. In my current role I am involved in both the strategic and acreative processes of Randox Food Diagnostics Marketing.

Gary Smith

Direct Employment

Randox offer permanent roles for those seeking direct entry into a long term position. Randox provides extensive and continuous training and support allowing employees to reach their full potential.

"I was employed by Randox in 2010 as a Product Specialist for the RX series of clinical chemistry analysers. Initially my role involved providing support and product knowledge for Randox global distributors visiting their markets and assisting them with sales to their customers. Working for a company recognised internationally as a market leader in the industry and renowned for the quality of its products, has presented excellent opportunities for career progression. Within a year I was moved to manage our expanding global distributor network. Significant growth in our distributor markets has enabled me to build and manage a team of people who look after specific regions around the world. Increased strategic focus in the Middle East will see Randox opening an office in UAE, giving me the opportunity to relocate to Dubai in the next few months to manage the sales team there."

David Adamson