Application of Science

Application of Science

Randox Laboratories is an In vitro clinical diagnostics company which was founded in 1982 by Dr Peter FitzGerald CBE FREng. The company designs, manufactures and distributes a broad range of products and innovative solutions for the life sciences research and clinical diagnostic markets throughout the world.

In-vitro diagnostics (or IVD’s) is a field which identifies diseases contributing to medical decision-making and is an essential link in the healthcare chain. IVD products encompass reagents, instruments and systems which are intended for use in diagnosis of disease and other conditions such as a determination of the state of health, in order to cure, mitigate, treat or even prevent disease.

Sciences are an integral part of the operations of Randox Laboratories from research and development, engineering, manufacturing and IT, through to training, sales and marketing. There are over 300 research scientists employed at Randox whose work covers many aspects of science including chemistry, physics and molecular biology. There are also dedicated ICT departments which utilise many networks, softwares and audio-visual systems enabling the storage and transmission of data which underpins the smooth running of all company operations.

Chemistry is a vital process of any chemical assay, especially within Randox. Randox specialities include the production of high quality clinical chemistry reagents. These reagents are researched and developed by some of the best chemistry graduates in the country.

Physics is applied in a number of roles at Randox, including within the engineering department in the manufacture of clinical chemistry and immunoassay analysers for the running of diagnostic tests.

Randox is also proactively involved in newer aspects of science and diagnostics - most notably in the field of molecular biology.  The science of Molecular diagnostic techniques are used to analyse an individual’s genetic code and how their cells express their genes as proteins by applying molecular biology to medical testing. By analysing both the specifics of the patient and the disease, molecular diagnostics offers the prospect of personalised medicine which is seen as the future of diagnostics.

The solutions provided by Randox Laboratories have applications in many therapeutic areas such as oncology, CVD, CNS, immunology, metabolic disorders and infectious diseases.

The products and services provided by Randox offer huge benefits to laboratories and healthcare systems with the result that Randox is revolutionising healthcare throughout the world.